Money Can Buy Happiness


Maybe you have heard the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness”,  I believe it can.  That is if that money pays an adoption fee for your new best friend.

Today I wanted to introduce you to three very important parts of my life, my fur babies!  My husband and I are huge animal lovers, therefore we have three pets who we love so stinkin’ much!

Let the introductions begin……..

First the oldest brother, Rex, a German Shepard Cross.


Bobby and I adopted Rex when he was 8 months old, he had been badly abused by the people that had him before and one of the shelter workers said that she believed he was going to be used as a bait dog for dog fighting.  Thankfully, one day the people who had abused Rex decided they were done with him and tied him to the door of the shelter.  He sat in the shelter for about 4 months just terrified of everything.  Then I saw his picture and heard part of his story and I had to help him.  We went and picked him up and he became our baby.

It took months for Rex to start getting better, but with lots of love, and working to get him socialized Rex made a big turn around.

When we first brought Rex home he was scared of everything, even ceiling fan moving.  We took him to the dog park, showed him what love was, and made sure he got to experience lots of new adventures.

Nearly two years later and he is doing amazing.  He is a totally different dog, still a little nervous but so much better than he was.

Part of the process that helped Rex get better was when we got his brother, Boomer.


This was his first day home with us.

Boomer is a Bloodhound Great Dane cross.  His name, Boomer says it all.  He is the most accident prone dog I have ever met in my entire life.  When we adopted him he had a big cut on his nose you can kind of see it in the picture above, because he was digging his face in the ground in his cage at the shelter.  Not 10 minutes after we got him home he slid in the grass and ran into the house and cut his forehead.  About a month later on a ride in the truck he saw a rabbit, jumped out and broke his back leg.  Once that healed up he was playing in the back yard and summer-salted over himself and broke the end of his tail.  Knock on wood, we have been accident free for about 3 months now.

Boomer was neglected by his last owners and they no longer felt like caring for him and dumped him off on a back country road.  A woman came across him and took him to the pound.  We saw his picture and knew he was meant to be our baby.

At first he didn’t like being touched or cuddled.  Love was foreign to him and was really scary.  Fast forward about 3 months and he can’t get enough love.  He gets jealous if we are petting on of the other animals.


This is our boys playing out in the summer heat together.

And last but not least, Kitty.  Her real name is Lily, but she never gets called that.  🙂


Kitty was born to a feral cat and was going to grow up eating out of trash cans until we came along.  We  took her in and she very quickly became a diva.  She is spoiled rotten but how could we say no to that cute girl.  She pretty much spends her days laying on the couch and on the window sill and occasionally hissing at her brothers.

So those are my sweet babies.

Remember, don’t shop, adopt.

And always spay and neuter your pets!


I would love to hear about your pets!



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